Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 1 Page 12

When coming up with the stories for this series, I wanted to further implement the various games into Archie. This first issue would be considered the Sonic 1 adaptation in a very loose sense. It’s also one issue while the others will be longer. That’s why we skipped all the way to Scrap Brain (we’ll just pretend Final Zone is part of it as well). Fought a bunch of badniks, avoided some hazards, and got into the heart of the area. So, you know what that means!






Art: Kakashihata

Mobius Comics was created with the intent to bring back the characters and stories from the Archie comics but integrating elements from the games and other Sonic franchises. No matter what aspect of Sonic you’re familiar with, you’ll find things that are both familiar and new in this series. Another thing that will be the focus is consistent updates and putting out as much content as possible.

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Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 1 Page 12

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