Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 1 Page 15

Like a lot of characters in this franchise, Eggman/Robotnik has many different versions with various goals and personality traits. He can be like Sonic Boom’s Eggman where half the times he’s pretty chill and even hangs out with Sonic and the gang. Or he can be like Archie Eggman at the height of evil, gleefully killing and committing genocide. This Eggman has no morals and is committed to his scientific endeavors. His goals are never to kill but he will (or attempt to) do that if he’s pushed.






Art: Kakashihata

Mobius Comics was created with the intent to bring back the characters and stories from the Archie comics but integrating elements from the games and other Sonic franchises. No matter what aspect of Sonic you’re familiar with, you’ll find things that are both familiar and new in this series. Another thing that will be the focus is consistent updates and putting out as much content as possible.

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Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 1 Page 15

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