Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 4 Page 15

So much stuff on one page! Enter Ruby Brutus! To explain the design choice, Brutus learned from his defeat at the energy blade of Sally and covered that mouth of his. Speaking of energy blade, looks like he copied the princess. Then there’s the color change. Very fashionable! And last but not least, the Phantom Ruby belt buckle. Also fasionable! And now we know what Eggman has wanted the entire time he was on Little Planet. Thanks to the Phantom Ruby, the Death Egg has become a reality! And the other crazy thing is what happened to Eggman. Mirroring what he had Brutus do to himself a couple issues ago, the good doctor loses his hand. Not sure if he can reattach his like Brutus could. In the SatAM cartoon and Archie comics, Robotnik (not Eggman) had a robotic arm. I didn’t want to go that far. But why have this happen to Eggman? Because everyone deserves to suffer. Even the villains. At least that wound is cauterized!






Art: Kakashihata

Mobius Comics was created with the intent to bring back the characters and stories from the Archie comics but integrating elements from the games and other Sonic franchises. No matter what aspect of Sonic you’re familiar with, you’ll find things that are both familiar and new in this series. Another thing that will be the focus is consistent updates and putting out as much content as possible.

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Sonic and the Freedom Fighters Issue 4 Page 15

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